One of my old cars gets it’s own website

Ah, if only I could get into a 99T again…….they’re still my favourite old Saab.
I’ve owned two Saab 99 Turbos in my lifetime and the better of the two, a Cardinal Red model that was as close to pristine original as you can get, has recently changed hands and been purchased by a young fella in Queensland.
Simon sounds suitably pleased with his purchase (though less pleased with the insurance hassles) and has created a website to chart the journey.
This is the car, a beautiful 1978 99 Turbo that I owned briefly in 2005. I sold it to a guy from the Blue Mountains, who’s done a little work here and there and put it up for sale some time last year.
Those familiar with website operation would be acquainted with the concept of the “long tail”. That is, you create well-written content that gets referenced by many people and as time goes on, your old material gets served up again and again, thereby having repeated potential to earn you an income.
I wonder if the producers and presenters of the classic Saab 99 Turbo review from the late 1970’s ever realised the lasting impression that review would create.
If you could go back in time and tell the producers that their review would end up on the internet and be viewed by a guy who wasn’t even born yet on a site called YouTube and that viewing it would lead to unborn-guy purchasing a Saab 99 Turbo, they’d probably stare at you like you were mad and then say “what the heck’s an internet?????”
That’s pretty much what happened, though. Simon, with some encouragement from a university contact (and SU regular, Ben K), got interested in old Saabs, saw the video and got really interested, got familiar with the only Saab 99T that was for sale here in Oz – and now he’s ended up buying it.
Congratulations, Simon. Enjoy it and make sure you sell it back to me when it becomes too much of a burden.

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