People are still buying Saabs….

Saabs are selling in lesser numbers during the current difficult circumstances, but they’re still selling. And used Saab purchases are still humming along, probably at a much better pace than new ones.
i thought I’d share a couple of stories that have come in through various sources.
Business buyers still there….
Tompa sent through the following numbers, which were lifted from a sales story in TTELA. It seems business buyers in Sweden are still buying Saabs. In fact, they’re buying more Saabs than what they were before in proportional terms.
Saab has a bigger share of the corporate car market than it has in the private market.
New (In Percent)
1: Volvo 31,9
2: Saab 19,1
3:Audi 10,1
4: Volkswagen 8,8
And in the green market, Saab are still maintaining a very large market share:
Green car sales (In percent)
1: Saab 49,1
2: Volvo 32,7
3: Toyota 9,0
4: Ford 2,6
The TTELA story studied the long term trend in the company car market and found that not only has it increased in size in the last decade, Saab have also increased their share of it, no doubt through the addition of BioPower models to their range.
Company car sales 2008 compared to 2000 (In percent)
1: Volvo -3,7
2: Saab + 1,3
3: Audi + 1,4
4: VW – 3,0
….and people are still buying Saabs in the second hand market, too.
Here are a couple of short stories about SU regulars who have picked up new-to-them Saabs in the last week or so.
First, from baas900i in comments:

then again for someone like me who wants GM FREE i was passing a dealers today and spotted a viggen and after a 30 minute test drive, 20 + minutes of ‘price fixing’ i am now the owner!
i give up!

And from an email chain that went round our regular Aussie crew this week:

Brendan: WTF have I done, I’ve just bought a Viggen Convertible!
Alex: I swear its not my fault, all i did was show him the car…..Nice work B
Alex: Has all the abbott stuff you can throw at it: Viggen Rescue Kit, Koni suspension, Abbott ECU, Big brake kit
Brendan: Full story – The car is at Saab Wreck, it appears that the front end of it was run into the back end of another car. So needs a bit of work. The car is drivable, but will be trailered back to Sydney for repairs. It’ll be a couple of months till it’s driving around again. BUT it does have all the good bits on it 🙂

Brendan’s car sounds like it’s had a very similar accident to the one my Viggen had before I bought it. A minor shunt in the front that the insurer’s have thought was too much trouble to deal with.
I’m quite sure it’ll come up smelling like roses and prove to be the bargain of the year.

So two Viggens seen and purchased. Viggens have a funny way of doing things like that to people.
Congratulations to you both. Enjoy one of the best cars Saab have ever made.

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