Peugeot 3008 pinches some cockpit inspiration

We’re yet to see what sort of aeronautical goodies, if any, that Saab might pack into the new Saab 9-5 or 9-4x next year.
But another manufacturer with a new vehicle about to hit the road has got the jump on Saab and has included a reasonably 9-4x-ish interior with some “born from jets” touches.
The vehicle is the Peugeot 3008 and like the 9-4x, it’s intended as a soft-roader and is due for release in the near term.
I’m not so fond of the application of Peugeot’s cat-like styling to the front. I don’t think it stands up anywhere near as well as Saab’s adaptation of the Aero-X language to the taller 9-4x.
Inside the car, they’ve got an interior that reminded me a lot of the 9-4x in terms of the general shape of the center stack, etc. The grab-handle’s a nice touch, though I wonder if it’ll fit the car’s intended use (more likely to be speed bumps in shopping center car parks than outdoor trails).
It does manage to look fairly rugged, doesn’t it? And pay particular attention to the little slip of clear plastic in front of the steering wheel.
Here’s that little slip of plastic as a feature photo.
It’s a heads-up display, though not as many other manufacturers do it. Others tend to beam information on to the windscreen in front of the driver. This system is perhaps a little more jet-like in that it direct information on that little screen, which is closer to the driver and doesn’t take up much, if any, of the driver’s road vision
It’s a nice, clever touch. And to think that Saab were the company born from aviation. Peugeot should be working on the car’s pedals and chains, shouldn’t they?
Thanks Ken!

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