Pics: Saab Car Club of Australia national event

The Saab Car Club of Australia held their biennial national gathering in Canberra over the Easter weekend.
As promised, here’s some more photography and info from the event.
The photos have come from one of the Saab community’s most avid photographers, Steve Bunton, and you can click here to view the full portfolio.
The gathering of the Saabs in Canberra.
This 900 Convertible won best overall car at the Concours. Only 37,500 kms on the clock, apparently!
SU regular and master of all fastidious owners, Hawkeye, prepares his Saab 9-3 BioPower for the Concours. Rumours that he strapped his wife and child to the front of the car in order to prevent stonechips on the drive from Sydney are yet to be confirmed.
Unfortunately there’s no full shot of Hawkeye’s car, but here’s one very clean corner. Hawkeye’s car is a 2008 model and was one of the first ordered in Australia. It’s now done around 13,600kms.
And we have a winner!! Hawkeye won the the NG900-to-9-3 class in the Concours (a rather wide-ranging category, if you ask me.
Of course, our intrepid photographer had his Nordic-tuned Saab 9-3 Aero there as well. Sweeeeeet!

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