Saab 9-5 test drive tales

I want to thank everyone who posted in the “Who hasn’t driven a Saab 9-3?” post from yesterday. The support for the cars was fantastic over all, and it proved to me that I need to get in one more often.
I only get to drive a 9-3 once or twice a year at Saab events so to have the input of people who regularly drive them or have recently tested one is invaluable for a site like this. I’ve tried in the past to get one as a long term test vehicle but at the time was told that they don’t do long-term test vehicles here in Australia. I shall try and get in one more often, though.
Whilst we were talking about test drives, I received an email from a dealer overnight who had a test drive story of his own to share. It’s a little more evidence of that old edict “people who test drive a Saab usually buy a Saab”.

Hiya from the U.S. again!
I noticed your comment on the 2.0T being a ‘cracker’ in today’s post, and as I said in my previous email to you, I wholeheartedly agree, but I’d like to point something out about the 2.3T for a moment, if I may.
I work for a Saab dealer. We are also a Cadillac dealer. I had a customer on Saturday who asked if I thought a 4 cylinder “could possibly be enough engine for such a large car.” I asked the customer to drive the car and then ask that question again. He refused, unless I could convince him he should and it wouldn’t be a waste of his time.
I pointed out that Saab has managed to crank out 260HP from a 2.3 liter engine. That’s just over 113HP per liter. This doesn’t sound impressive to a person outside the industry or otherwise uninvolved with cars, so I then compared it to a Cadillac Escalade.
The Escalade has a 6.2L V8, and cranks out 403HP, a pretty decent amount by any standards. I then showed him the math. If the Escalade operated with the same efficiency as the U.S. spec 9-5, it would crank out just a hair over SEVEN HUNDRED horsepower.
He took the test drive. He bought the car.
He reported that on his way to his vacation home to open it for the season yesterday, he got just over 30mpg on the highway, and he wonders if my theoretical 700HP Escalade would do the same… 🙂

A great story about what is still a great car. Despite the age of the architecture, the Saab 9-5 is still a great vehicle and being the age it is, it’s thoroughly sorted and pretty much bullet proof.
Congratulations to our dealer and his buyer. Well done to both of you.

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