Saab GB sales – March 2009

I don’t know if you can call a 38% decline in sales good news, but I think under the circumstances it’s quite possible.
Saab has been seeing sales declines of around 60% in recent months, so a sub-40% in this environment – global recession and reconstruction uncertainty – is quite a result.
March is traditionally a good month for car sales in Britain, and 2009 was no exception with Saab GB leading Saab’s global market.
Saab GB sold 2,444 vehicles in March. This was down by 38.7% on the 3,988 vehicles sold in March last year, but that’s much better than the current trend for Saab and must have been heartening for the hardworking crew there at Saab GB.
Almost every brand in the British market suffered a decline in sales in March. The only exceptions were Corvette (irrelevant with just 8 sales) and Alfa Romeo (surprise surprise!!). Many brands suffered a much bigger decline than Saab.
So….a sales fall, but congratulations to Saab GB as I’m sure you beat your forecasts!
Thanks Clive!!!

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