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Here in Australia, our fearless leader decided it’d be a good idea to throw around some money in order to keep our economy ticking over. Consequently, most of us Aussies are getting a $900 payment from the Australian Tax Office in the next few weeks – and never mind that it was our taxpayer money in the first place!
I’ve asked each of my four site sponsors in the right sidebar to provide some ideas as to how a Saab owner could best spend $900 on their Saab. Saab USA Parts were the first to respond, and Fred’s ideas are below.
Maybe you’ve got a little spare green coming your way under a similar scheme? If so, consider these as ideas to help get your car ready for the northern summer.
The best way to spend $900 on a Saab is to pamper it with a Spring Clean using Original Equipment Saab Cleaning Products (kit exclusive to SUSAP – $74.95).
Then touch-up the body using Saab Touch-Up Paint ($17.50);
Restore scratched/faded headlamps with a Headlamp Restoration Kit ($59.95);
Install a new set of black powdercoated Saab Stainless Steel Plate Frames ($29.90);
Put a Saab Jumper Cable Safety Kit in the trunk ($77.76);
Place an Emergency Hammer / Tire Gauge in the glovebox ($21.59);
Install a set of Saab Wheel Bolt Covers to cover up rusty lug nuts ($10.95 for set of 20 with removal tool);
Cover your car with an Original Equipment Saab Car Cover (Saab 9-3SS – $149.00);
Be sure to keep a Saab Golf Umbrella in the trunk ($29.70);
Treat yourself to a Saab T-Shirt ($19.97), Saab Cap ($21.60), Saab Sport Glasses ($27.00) and Saab Turbo-X Driving Gloves ($32.35) from the Saab gear page;
Safe Driving,
You friends at Saab USA Parts
That amounts to around US$600, which is just under $900 Aussie dollars. Of course, if you had $900Americanos, then you could make up the difference with a Saab USA Parts gift voucher, the balance of which you can whittle away as you need various bits and pieces over time.

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