Saab to get Titti rescue!!!

Thank goodness Titti’s in the house!
If you’re wondering what this seemingly childish and quasi-offensive headline is all about, Titti Schultz is a radio presenter for RIX FM in Sweden and she’s taken it upon herself to save Saab. She drives a Saab convertible, so she knows the joy of a good topless ride. Oops, I did it again.
Tompa has found and translated this brief interview from TTELA, in which she describes her quest.
Titti Schultz Will Titti manage to save Saab?
We called Titti Schultz, co host of Rix Morronzoo, that has been given the task to save Saab by it´s listeners.
How will you do it?
-I have already spoken to Saab to find out what interested parties there are. Next target is to contact them and talk business.
I will also try get in contact with Ingvar Kamprad. (Owner and founder of IKEA). He´s got alot of red stickers and I have understood that Saab will be sold for a small amount of money.. I thought I would run some ideas by him. Saab in a box- Maybe that´s something?

What about Maud Olofsson?
-Yeah, I will put preassure on her to.. Saab wants a loan garantee and it realy only comes down to a signature. That can´t be that hard can it?
It´s not a small task you have been given. How does that feel?
-Overwhelming. I will realy make a big effort to save Saab. I sympathize with all those risking to loosing their jobs.
How much time will you invest in this?
– I will give it all my work and free time to find a solution. The whole weekend has been spent on planning and to make up strategies.
What sort of chances do you believe there is for Saab?
– The conditions are good. I refuse to think that a company of such dignity will slip through our fingers. I don´t care if Saab become norwegian, as long as Saab-emplyees have a work to go to.
What car do you drive?
– A black Saab Convertible! And if there is anyone in the mood for buying a Saab I promise to swing by to let them have a testdrive
When will we find out how it worked out?
– On Thursday around 8 in the morning
What happens if you succeed?
– I will faint and die on the spot. Then I probably should be named Swede of the year?
Good luck!
– Thanks
It’s good to hear something positive about Saab on the public agenda. I remember not too long ago that polls were showing people in Sweden were in favour of cutting Saab adrift.
Thanks to Titti for some public support.
And thanks to Tompa for sending it through. It’ll be interesting to hear how her campaign turns out.

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