Saabs getting together at Easter

It seems a lot of Saabists took the opportunity provided by the Easter long weekend to get together and hang out a little.
As previously mentioned, the Aussie Saab Car Club got together in Canberra for their national event. I’ll have a bit more on that later, but here’s one of the shots I’ve received from the weekend.
That’s Brendan B’s Black 99T leading the way, there, and I suspect those Turbo X’s might belong to a few other SU regulars as well (Joe Lobo and Clive, who’s nom-de-blog escapes me at the moment)
As mentioned, more on that later, but it looks like they had a good turnout and a great time.
SU regular, Saabrobz, visited the Elmia car show in Sweden. At a Swedish car show, you know you’re going to see a lot of Saabs and once again, Elmia didn’t disappoint. Nobody does modified Saabs quite like the Swedes.
Saabrobz has a number of shots on his Flickr page, but here’s a few for your perusal.
We’ve shown this Saab 9-5 here before, but it’s always worth another look:
And who ever said a 5-door Saab 9-3 cannot deliver the hotness?
Finally, our mate Baracuda hooked up with a friend of his for a Turbo X and Saab 9-3 Biopower photo shoot in Germany.
Now there’s a couple of very sweet rides. I love the rims on the BioPower.
More of these shots, here.

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