Saturday quick Snippets – Canadian sales, Malmo and Poland edition

Automotive sales in Canada sure are taking a wierd turn in 2009.
You have companies like Honda and Toyota being way down for the year, whilst Audi, Mercedes and even Saab are in positive territory for the year.
Click to enlarge:
Thanks to Pierre L!
Nice to see GM Europe are still thinking of Saab on their Driving Conversations blog.
I think they probably picked this up from Flickr. It’s entitle Saabs in Poland.
And finally, a good read from BNet about Saab in the not-so-old-but-not-so-new days.
It’s about the plant in Malmo that they used to operate and how it demonstrated all the good and bad things about being a manufacturer in Sweden. Conditions for workers – good. Incentive for workers – bad.
There are some great links in that article, too. It’s worth checking a few of them out.

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