Small market Saab sales data – March 2009

Actually, it seems like all markets are small markets at the moment……but…
If you’ve got sales data for your market and you’re not in one of the big(ger) three – US, Sweden, UK – then please send in your numbers and I’ll add it in here.
The German market has actually seen a fairly big rise in the last few months, with a scrapping bonus leading to great results for some companies.
Not for Saab, though.
Saab sold 197 vehicles in March, down by 54% from last year.
In the 1st Quarter of 2009, they’ve sold 427 vehicles, down by 58% from last year.
Thanks Till!
I know I’ve already mentioned it, but it’s a small market and it was GOOD news so I thought I’d push it again.
I’m not sure what the final numbers are for the month – they’d be rather small, I think – but Saab Canada recorded a 126% sales rise in March compared with March last year.
I’ve seen single months where Saab sold more here in Australia than they’ve sold in the first quarter of this year.
That said, it must have been a better month in March compared to January and February as they sold nearly half the quarter’s volume in one month.
Saab Oz sold 71 cars in March (54 9-3 hardtops, 15 convertibles and 2 9-5s) and have sold 148 for the year so far. The equivalent 2008 numbers were 114 (for the month) and 344 (for the quarter).
Thanks Kurt!
The Dutch market has fallen by around 25% however as in other markets, it’s a tougher story for Saab. Sales this year are around one third of last year’s and 2008 was way down on the year before.
Saab’s sales are affected to some degree by the trouble Kroymans are in right now. A division of Kroymans went in to receivership recently and dealerships are having trouble getting vehicles into the market.
Saab sold just 42 vehicles in March, less than a quarter of the number sold in the same month last year (181). There have been 340 cars sold so far this year, down from 857 for the first quarter in 2008.
Thanks Albert!
Uncertainty weighs heavy in Norway, too.
Saab sold just 34 vehicles in March (7 of the 9-5 and 27 of the 9-3) compared to 106 vehicles sold in the same month last year.
There have been 118 Saabs sold in Norway this year so far.
Thanks Per!

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