Springtime in Sweden 2009

The 6th annual gathering of Saabs in Amherst, New Hampshire, to honor the memory of the Crisman brothers, Kyle and Tim, was held this past weekend.
I’m not sure how many cars turned up for this year’s event, but it looks like a very good field, from Sonnets to 900s, to 2008 model Turbo X’s.
It seems Brian W was kind enough to devote some time putting together what is a very tidy website for the cause, and he’s posted four pages of Saabs on display, as well as a catalog of winners from the day’s judging.
Click here for the photo gallery front page. Maybe your car is in there!
The event is in memory of Kyle (SPGUY) and Tim Crisman.
On the afternoon of November 3, 2002, Kyle and Tim were on their way home from a visit with their Grandmother, when they lost their lives in an automobile accident.
The Crisman family have set up a scholarship fund in their memory and proceeds from the Springtime in Sweden event, as well as any other donations and fundraising activities, go towards the scholarship fund.
Donations can be made at the Crisman Memorial website.
If you or you Saab club have an event coming up, please post it in comments here. I’ll add it to the Saab Events page, which will be online shortly.

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