Sunday Night Snippets

If you’re like me and you keep track of Jalopnik, maybe it seems to you like there’s a 24 hours of LeMons race every second week.
There’s another race going on this weekend at Carolina Motorsports Park and look at who’s leading at the halfway point….
Good luck to for day 2.
I have been a total couch potato today and I’ve been glued to YouTube watching episodes of Wheelers and Dealers.
You might have previously seen the Saab 900 Edition of the show (note the “thanks to” section in the credits at the end 🙂 ).
The basic premise is that they look for a modern classic, try to buy it at low cost, fix it up and then sell it at a ‘profit’. There’s no profit involved if you take the mechanic’s time into account, but it’s still an interesting process to watch.
The sales guy comes across as a bit greasy but once you get past that it’s a really enjoyable show. The mechanic’s a blast.
What got me hooked into it is that I’m still considering what car I should replace the Alfa with later in the year and one of the options I’m thinking about is Mazda MX-5 like this one.
I started looking them up and came across the Wheelers and Dealers episode where they buy one.
I also came across a post on Dan S’s Racing Ready blog where he’s thinking of picking one up as well.
Must be something in the air.
I’m still considering a Porsche 944, too. Maybe even an older one like this.
A Sunday Saab-O-The-Week for you.
Spotted on Flickr and titled “Three Types of Transport”.
I know which one I’d choose.

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