Swedish Sales Data – March 2009

Saab sales rose by 50% in March 2009 thanks to a sympathetic Swedish public listening to submliminal messages in a recent speech by Maud Olofsson.
Whilst people thought she was saying “Rick Wagoner’s a very naughty boy” there was a secret message at an alternate frequency, previously only audible to those living in the rugged Canadian Nanuvut territory whilst they were chewing fish. The secret alternate message was “I had my first kiss in a Volvo”, which drove a large number of unsuspecting and sympathetic listeners into Saab showrooms, albeit with a desire to chew raw fish.
OK, none of the above actually happened, although Maul Olofsson may well have shared her first kiss in a Volvo. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know.
April fools???!!!!
March’s sales data was every bit as miserable as previous months since this whole GM’s going to let Saab drift thing happened. Whlst you and I might be happy about it, the market’s a little scared and when you combine fear of a car company with fear about the economy in general, you get low sales.
CTM has slotted them into comments and here they are again for your perusal.
Sweden March 09
Total market: -23%
1: Volvo V70
2: Volvo V50
3: VW GOlf
4: VW Passat
5: Ford Focus
6: Saab 9-3 – 390 (1188) – down 67% / YTD: down 63%
7: Kia Cee’d
8: Toyota Avensis
9: Audi A4
10: Saab 9-5 – 279 (664) – down 58% / YTD: down 56%
Saab’s market share now under 5%.
Cadillac BLS: 1 sold car in March (-94%) and 2 so far this year (-98%).
Well, at least we can still rag on Cadillac.
At this pace they’ll need two hands to count their sales for the year!
Thanks ctm!

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