Thursday night snippets – if-you’re-gay-you’re-18-times-more-likely-to-own-a-Saab edition

Kroum has spotted Range Rover doing yet another partial copy of Saab’s work. One of their concept vehicles last year looked very Saab 9-4x-ish and the new 2010 Range Rover sees them pinching one of Saab’s trademark pieces.

….digital dials like on the S-class. They’re deeply cool, and allow the designers to reconfigure the instruments depending on whether you’re cruising on a motorway or plugging across a meadow to your horsebox or driving a night (there’s a Saab-style nighttime setting).

I’ve always wondered why somebody hadn’t copied Night Panel already. Now someone has.
What do we call this?
It’s a one-off vehicle built by a guy named Leif Mellberg. I’ve seen it before but there’s precious little info about it on the web as far as I can tell.
The reason I’m posting it here is because this one-off custom Saab is for sale. It’s on the Swedish site Blocket, selling for 475,000 SEK, which is pretty pricey (around $81,000 Aussie dollars, or $57,600 US).
I believe it’s based on a 1987 Saab 900 chassis with a 250hp worked Saab turbo engine.
Thanks Golfhunter!
So, to the headline….
On the whole, gay consumers, regardless of genitalia, own the same sort of cars that their hetero counterparts own. The largest slice of brand ownership goes to makers such as Toyota, Ford, etc.
Subaru are the company perceived as being the most gay friendly, by a long, long way.
But an interesting result in a survey conducted by indicates that if you’re gay, you’re 18 times more likely to own a Saab than the heterosexual guy next to you.
And it’s not just the guys. Gay women are 11 time more likely to own a Saab than hetero women.
The results were gleaned from comparing Saab ownership as a proportion of both the hetero and LGBT markets. What it means is that Saab take a disproportionally high slice of the gay pie.
It’s a market Saab should be targeting, no doubt about it.
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