Times Online drive the Saab 9-3x

Road tests from the motoring media have been few and far between lately. It’s all been Bondholders this and Debt ratings that. You’d think none of these car companies are in the car industry (and for some of them, you’d almost be right).
It would come as no surprise, then, that this story from The Times Online was a welcome relief. They recently joined in the Arctic Circle Saab 9-3x test drive program and recorded their sentiments online.
How’s this for a useful summary:

Verdict Might just save the firm

From all the reports we’ve read about the Saab 9-3x, we know that it’s pretty good…..but that good??!
They certainly seem to give it a pretty good wrap in their full report. I guess we’ll have to wait until we can drive it to find out for ourselves. Until then, click through to Times Online and read their short review.
Here’s a fuller snippet:

In his day, thirtysomething years ago, Per Eklund was one of the greats. Now in his sixties, he’s been showing me things I didn’t know any road car could do, least of all a worthy, sensible Saab. A vast circular track has been carved in the ice, and he’s just done a lap of it at 60mph with the car’s nose pointed straight at its centre.
Out of sight of Saab’s staff, I also have a go, and find I can do it too, albeit it rather less elegantly. So good is this car’s four-wheel drive that, even with all electronic safety systems turned off, and even when you’re sliding and pointing in a strange direction while going around a corner at considerable speed, the car is still under full control.

Thanks to all who sent through links to this one…

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