Tuesday quick snippets

I forgot to mention yesterday that I’m on the road again at the moment. Consequently, I won’t get to everything as quickly as I’d like, but I have got pretty good access on this trip.
Postings may not be as timely as usual. That’s all.
In case you missed the links in comments…..
Our Belgian mate, Etienne, has more photos from the regularity rally at Spa in Belgium.
The Saab 9-5 has been spotted again, this time paying its obligatory dues at the Nurburgring. The four photos are best viewed at Autobild, from #6 onwards.
As the cops say on TV, there’s not thing too see here. Nothing that we haven’t seen before, at least. Please move on.
GM have killed Pontiac, which means that the Holden people in Melbourne are probably filling their trousers with something other than their legs right now.
Holden are basically kept afloat as a manufacturer here in Australia by the export program around the Commodore. They expected to build and ship around 30,000 of them as Pontiac G8s, a program that’s now down the gurgler.
The one possible saviour – which makes perfect sense, by the way – could be the addition of a G8-type vehicle to the Chevrolet portfolio. Personally speaking, if they don’t do this then they’re absolutely crackers, which means they probably won’t.

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