Two more reasons why GM can kiss my hairy behind…..

Reason 1
Supposed Saab-fan and new GM chief, Fritz Henderson, has inferred that Saab are part of a “Bad GM” stable. He didn’t say that directly, but you’ll get what I mean:

Henderson ruled out the idea of spinning off its Buick brand or any other brand not already targeted by the company’s restructuring plan — Saab, Hummer and Saturn.
“It’s part of the good GM,” Henderson said of Buick. “It’s a core brand.”

Henderson was speaking to the Detroit News.
It’s alright, Fritz. It’s a club we can’t wait to get out of anyway.
Reason 2
Despite being launched on April 1, GM’s Total Confidence plan for prospective buyers was not a joke.
The plan combines GM warranty coverage and Onstar with two new initiatives…..

  • Payment Protection: where your payments will be made for you for up to 9 months if you get laid off within the first 21 months of vehicle ownership. Interestingly, GM employees are not eligible.
  • Vehicle Value Protection: where they’ll fiddle the books and make up some value if you pay half your lease and then want to trade up.

Now, I’ve got no problem if GM want to kid themselves with names like Total Confidence and I’m sure some people will benefit from this.
I DO have a problem with GM excluding Saab cars from this new plan and then proceeding to use an image of a Saab car in its promotion.
It’s a small matter, but a matter of honour nonetheless.
Well done to the guys in comments who pointed this out.
“We’ll provide you with all these benefits, except we won’t if you buy the good looking car in the picture.”
Hypocrisy at it’s best.

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