Wednesday night snippets – in Sweden edition

All is quiet….
Saab finalised their redundancy plans yesterday and gave notice to 701 employees that their last day would be this Friday.
The original plan was for 750 people to go, with 650 of those being blue-collar and 100 white-collar. As it turns out, there’s only 55 white-collar workers leaving, with some having re-deployed to other vacant positions. 646 blue-collar jobs have been lost.
Of course, what we all hope for is that Saab will need these people back again some time in the near future as work ramps up again.
That all depends on the success of the search for a new owner…..
And on that front, Saab executives have put their Easter eggs aside for the week because they’re extremely busy playing host to potential buyers.
The race is on, with Saab hoping to get things sorted before the unnecessary complication that is a GM bankruptcy takes effect.
Eric Geers seemed a little tense about it all in a short article from TTELA today:
“It will be hard the next few weeks,” says Saab’s information director Eric Geers. Starting already this week is expected to an unknown number of stakeholders have come to Trollhättan, to acquaint themselves more closely with the company….
Time is an important aspect, as everyone knows,” said Geers about the rushed schedule. But as soon as we have the financing completed, we started our business plan. The last few days, the threat against the Saab owner General Motors further strengthened, according to reports from the U.S..
And quite what the consequences for Saab could be appears to be unclear to most.
“You do not really know what will happen if GM ports in Chapter 11. But the key for us is to continue the job of separating us from GM and to build up service for the future, “ says Geers.
And away from Sweden…..
The other day I talked about my Monte Carlo jobs for the weekend – subframe brace, headlamp bulbs, and smoky side repeaters.
Only one was too difficult to finish, and you won’t believe it, but it was the smoky side repeaters. One of them barely has enough cable attached to reach the fitting, mening that if I took the existing orange repeater off, the cable may get lost forever inside the guard.
I’m not sure what’s going on with it, but I think the plastic inner guard lining might have to come off this weekend so I can have a look.
The headlamps were their usual thumb-busting pain-in-the-clacker, but the end result is fantastic.
And the subframe brace was an absolute pleasure to fit and what’s more, the results are fantastic! The car feels noticeably more solid in the bends now. Lars has made up a fantastic bit of kit, there. It doesn’t look as pretty as the name brands you might be used to, but it’s very effective.
Photos to come on the weekend.
Oh, and another reason things might be quiet around here…..
Some guy’s just loaded all-new episodes of Wheeler Dealers up on YouTube.
I’ve just been watching them do up a Citroen DS. Awesome!!

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