What’s everyone got against scissor doors, anyway?

And now for something completely different…..
A headline over at Autoblog today screams Oh, No they didn’t!! in reference to a company offering a vertical door kit for the Nissan GT-R.
Which led me to wonder – why?
Why would their first reaction be “Oh No!” rather than considering it a reasonable modification to what is undoubtedly a rather exotic car?
I might be in the minority here, but I quite like scissor doors. Sure, they might be expensive, heavy and overly complex, but they overcome one of my main pet peeves – having to grab your door in a carpark before it hits the car next to you. I’m always worrying like crazy about hitting other cars in carparks with my doors, mainly because the doors on the Monte (and other 3-door Saabs) are so big and heavy.
I’d never expect Saab to do a car with scissor doors, but I wouldn’t mind if they did. Maybe if they made the Aero-X or a modern interpretation of it in a few years from now they could incorporate scissor doors into the design instead of the ingenious but never-to-be-driven-in-the-rain canopy from the original car.
Yes, that’s a five door, and yes (as Gripen pointed out on the original post where this car was featured) it appears that opening the doors means that you can’t fully open the hood. I’d expect Saab to do better, though.
When you think of it, it’s actually a fairly Saaby idea, sort of…….if you squint hard enough.
Ease of access, lack of damage potential. Perhaps they’re a bit too flashy, but still……

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