2010 Saab 9-5 spyshot detail

Carscoop have posted some bigger, clearer shots from the 9-5 spyshot collection originally shown by Autobild yesterday.
I don’t know if they had a different camera there, or if they’re just really handy with Photoshop, but they’ve managed to post an interior shot without all the glare off the glass.
The interior of the car is still shrouded by that big plastic cover, but I did manage to crop a few details and adjust them in order to see things a bit clearer.
OK, so you can’ see much, but there’s a peek at a steering wheel, as well as the instrument cluster’s shape and the air vents to the left.
As soon as I saw those, I couldn’t help but think of this – the Saab 9-4x test vehicle interior that was spied almost completely barenaked a few months ago:
Also, there’s this little bit of detail from the steering wheel controls that someone might like to try and decipher.
Finally, there’s the rear lights of the car, in action. As expected from the un-illuminated shot, these are LED’s lighting up to show the stoppers are in action.
2010 Saab 9-5rear lights.jpg
Click on through to Carscoop to view them all in their big, uninterrupted glory.

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