A ladder I’d like to see Saab climb

A website named Buzz Study has compiled a list of automotive social brand rankings that I found pretty interesting, and potentially a good little goal-setter for Saab.

Inspired by Autoblog’s monthly By the Numbers posts (such as this one), which detail automotive industry sales figures by brand for each month, we decided to build a list of the same brands, but looking instead at conversation volume, as we do in our Social Radar Top 50 Social Brands monthly posts. This list was built using the same methodology as our Top 50 list, but instead focusing purely on a list of 33 major automakers.

To build the list, they do the following in brief:

…..use Social Radar to analyze millions of blog posts, news feeds, forums, social networks and Twitter posts to aggregate a list of the words and brands mentioned most frequently on the Web during [the given period]

So it’s a list of who’s getting talked about the most. It can be for good or bad reasons. For example, Ford are doing well right now, so they’re placing on the list will be largely good commentary. Chrysler went into bankruptcy in April, so their high placing is a worry because most of the coverage will be bad.
Some companies will be placed high purely because of their size. More owners should mean more chatter. Hence, Toyota are highly placed. If a small company is highly placed, like Porsche, than that’s all good news for your brand as the conversation on brands like that is almost always good.
It’s not that scientific and there’s a certain amount of interpretation required, but I think this is a great idea. As a blogger, I’d love to keep an eye on this and Saab could certainly do that to monitor the level of chatter about the brand.
Saab are placed quite low, largely because the brand is quite small and lacks a solid identity in the general marketplace. If Saab could take measures to increase their position on a metric like this, then I think it’d mean they were doing their communications and marketing jobs effectively – in web terms at least.
Here are the placings in their latest Social Automotive Rankings. Click through to Buzz Study for more background.
Rank – Chg (if any) – Brand
1 – Ford
2 – BMW
3 – Toyota
4 – (+5) – Chrysler
5 – (-1) – VW
6 – (+1) – Mercedes
7 – (-1) – Chevrolet
8 – (-3) – Audi
9 – (-1) – Nissan
10 – (+1) – Honda
11 – (-1) – Porsche
28 – (-2) – Saab
Obviously, we need a bit more buzz. Saab can do it.

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