A message from Anne Sinclair

This was posted at Trollhattan Saab earlier today.
Thinking that Bob’s wife, Anne, would have preferred that the intended recipients see it, I contacted her and asked her permission to post her remarks as an article here at SU.
Permission received, I’ve repeated them here verbatim.
I’d like to thank Anne for taking the time to write and once again, extend our collective condolences to the Sinclair family.
This site was just forwarded to me by Kathie Sinclair, one of Bob,s cousins. For those of you who don’t already know, Bob passed away on Sunday, May 10. On Tuesday, May 5, the luck of the Irish began to run out for Bob when he was evacuated from our home to Serenity House, our wonderful hospice facility here in Sana Barbara. We were able to return to our home on Sunday afternoon, being spared the damage that so many homes surrounding our neighborhood suffered (there have been fires in the Santa Barbara area – SW). Perhaps Bob waited until he knew we were able to go home because he slipped away peacefully that evening.
It is gratifying to know that so many knew what a great guy he was aside from being the wonderful husband, father and grandfather that he was to us. Some were able to tell him how he helped them in many ways in recent days and I know that meant so much to him.
Thank you for your kind words about Bob Sinclair. We treasure them.
Bob’s family; Anne, Bob III, Rebecca, Gregory, Elisabeth, Stephen, Jennifer and the grandkids.

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