A question for Saab – who makes the decision on bidders?

As an enthusiast with a interest in the future of Saab Automobile, here’s a question I’d like to find out the answer to:

Who makes the decision relating to a successful bidder for control of Saab?

Saab management have been handling the hospitality, meeting interested parties at the front door, shaking hands and pouring the wine.
But how much say will they have in who gets to pull their strings in the future?
GM employed Deutche Bank to co-ordinate the mission, but then it’s GM’s company to sell.
So you have a Saab with a significant vested interest in the outcome, Deutsche Bank with a paid commission to achieve, and GM with an asset to sell.
Who get to make the decision and do the others get much of a say?
I know we’ve got some experienced M&A types in the readership here. Perhaps you can enlighten us as to how this process works?
My guess is that Deutsche Bank appraise the applicants, weeding out those who aren’t likely to even have the slightest chance. They probably do some evaluation on the actual bids once they come in.
What I’d like some assurance about is whether or not the people that really matter – Saab’s management – get to have a say in who their next owners will be.
Somehow, despite how much I hope this is the car, I fear it’s not.

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