A Saab update from Holland

Our Saab dealer friends have been doing it pretty tough in Holland.
Saab’s Dutch importer collapsed a few months ago and since then, they haven’t been able to get any new cars into the country, no matter how many orders they had outstanding.
I’ve just heard, however, that the new importers will commence work on Monday, May 25th.
You might remember that I’ve recently been in touch with some guys in Apeldoorn, in Holland. These guys took the extraordinary decision to open a Saab dealership in the midst of all this crisis. With an importing body collapsed and Saab’s own future uncertain, Saab of Apeldoorn opened its doors on April 1st this year.
They now have their website up and running, and it’s looking pretty fine, too.
All Saab dealers in Holland have been able to order parts in direct from Sweden, so servicing hasn’t been a problem.
Hopefully, with the new importers in place, they’ll be able to give customers the new vehicles that they want, too. And hopefully the Dutch market can take back its place as one of Saab’s most popular markets.
I just hope Saab of Apeldoorn are a big part of it. I’d take my hat off to those guys if I was wearing one.

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