About comments…..

I’ve never needed to write or implement a hard comments policy. Neither here at Saab United or previously at Trollhattan Saab. The fact that I’ve never had to do that is something that I’m quite proud of. We have a good community here, with respectful people making good contributions to discussions – which is exactly the way Id like to keep things.
With that in mind, I’d like to offer the following guidelines.

Good sportsmanship on the football field implies that the ball is the objective, not the man with the ball (rugby and gridiron fans, please think of other codes of football – ones where kicking the ball with one’s foot is a big part of the game).
It’s the same in comments.
The ball is the issue at hand and your opinion should be confined to that issue. No personal references to other people should be made (unless you know them personally and know they’ll understand where you’re coming from).

Poor characterisations based on race, religion, gender etc will not be tolerated. End of story. This is non-negotiable and it doesn’t matter whether you’re referring to a fellow commenter or a person of note within Saab or government, or whoever.

The key to everything is to write with respect. It’s OK to be witty about GM, government or whoever else, but there should always be an underlying respect. If you’re being satirical then that satire should be obvious.

Make your point.
If people respond to you and you need to explain something about it and reiterate your point, then fair enough, but the repetition of the same thing over and over again will not necessarily help your case (especially if your case is based on a negative opinion).

Be reasonable. Listen to others and be willing to accept their point of view. You may not agree with it but they have a right to their opinion, just as you have a right to yours.
It’s the reasonable discussion of these differences that makes for healthy debate.

I think I’ve only ever banned two or three people from commenting at TS and SU. I don’t have plans to ban any more, but don’t tempt me. I’m very tolerant and will go to lengths to help people understand what’s OK and what’s not, but that isn’t an open-ended thing.
What I’d like is what we have here 99.99% of the time – reasonable, insightful, intelligent and entertaining discourse.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

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