Afterlife Saab?

Ummm. Feels a little strange writing this given recent events, but a Saab is a Saab, even when it’s a hearse…..
I’m not sure where this one is operating, but Tony R sent in the photo and it looks well finished.
I’ve just heard from Tony again (with an extra pic) and he’s told me that the hearse will be working in the Trollhattan area. Maybe they can take all the GM handbooks from the Saab offices to the dump in the back!!
Previous Saab extended vehicle sightings have been either C900s or the odd 9-5, so a recent model 9-3 being used in this way is certainly novel.
And whilst we’re on the broad topic of deceased things……
Are Saab doing a Raccoon test now to compliment the moose test????

This is a Turbo X, belonging to Sapan. The raccoon headbutted his Turbo X on a highway drive and took out his front splitter.
Sapan promises to get creative during the repair process, so it’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with.
Pictures please!!

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