Are Saab having issues with Springs?

Mo has drawn my attention to a recent thread over at Saab Central where a number of Saab 9-3 SS and SC owners have realised they have something in common – snapping springs.
There are at least half a dozen complainants there in that thread, and all entries are within the last month.
Complainants have had mixed success with getting their dealers to help out on the fix, but there’s a growing call there for a recall to be issued. Some are lodging receipts with the NHTSA in the United States to bring some more attention to the issue.
Some of these guys, in speaking to their mechanics about the spring problem, are finding out that the dealerships are changing multiple sets of springs per month.
I’m not one for creating a panic, but perhaps it would be prudent to get your post-2003 Saab 9-3 springs looked at and assessed.
And maybe Saab need to take a closer look at this, too. A broken spring at speed would be pretty nasty and would kill many years of safety leadership.

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