Auto Motor and Sport test the 2010 Saab 9-5

My mates at AMS have released their thoughts on the 2010 Saab 9-5 after driving it in the same event that included Aftonbladet and Teknikens Varld.
Swedes can click to check out the AMS article.
Outside the article, Par Brandt told me the drive was just brilliant. He’s seen the real thing but obviously can’t say anything about it in terms of looks etc, but he did mention an experience of being “in Saab heaven”.
Here’s my Googletrans, very raw, which I’ll tidy up shortly:
I understand that there is a lot of secrecy surrounding this test, no, where auto motor & sport, and a few guests had to drive the car. What is the purpose of the test?
AS: Well, we have been able to test drive a pre-production car, number 15 out of a total of 50 pieces. And why the test – is simply that Saab wants to hear our opinions on the car. So there are spaces for small adjustments, even if the car of course, is virtually complete. Then, it is of course good for Saab to be able to run on ordinary roads without a lot of spy photographers in the bushes.
How is your first impression?
AS: That it is large and looks very good, especially stern that have received an entirely individual style. It has a pretty tilted rear window and a avskalad design. The front is more conventional, see the photos we had in auto motor & sport number 8-2009. Then, it is a lot of detail that has received a completely new character, including headlights, rear lights and mirrors.
What distinguishes it from its predecessor?
AS: Interiört is the much wider and longer. It has become significantly more spacious. Back seat is very generous, it’s real limo feeling in the back. It recognizes Saab style, while the instruments are modern. Anyone looking for a ignition lock may have to keep looking, for it is replaced with a Start button, but it is where it should sit … you can probably guess where?
The dashboard will also in many materials and colors. Unfortunately, we can not show any images of the interior, for there is a strict photo ban in the car interior. But we can reveal that there is a lot of news, and some ideas from concept cars have found their way into the series model – fun!
It feels very modern to run – of course. The whole car is well built and stable. For a pre-production model, it is surprisingly free of noise, none at all actually.
What can you say about driving?
AS: It feels neutral and reliable. Management is flexible, it does not feel artificial. Pretty good balance, not snacks(?), but not boring. The whole car is shrinking, becoming körglad(?), when coming on curvy roads – and so was not the case with the old 9-5: an. My colleague, Mr. Brandt was run over a road when it was right curve and went really fast, and I can say as much as he had a really evil smile – the quicker it went, the better behavior of the car.
Pär making thumbs up, right now, and it is a good rating (I can just see that wicked smile now, too, in my mind. Good on ya, mate! – SW).
What can you say about the engine and engine options?
AS: We run a 220-horse engine, 6-speed, 2.0 turbo, four-wheel drive. We sit four adults in it and the engine was powerful enough. No problem. There will also be a 1.6-liter turbobensinare the influence model and several diesel models and the V6 turbo on top, but the emphasis will be FOUR-CYLINDER engines.
When will it and you get some price indications?
AS: It will release in the beginning of next year. Yes, if all goes as it should, therefore … Some prices, we have not heard, but it will probably be priced against the competition, I do not think there are any surprises there. Saab-people are well aware of what rules apply in different markets and here in Sweden, one should offer attractive models is within the car market. The domestic market in Sweden is important, of course, but the same applies in the UK and other major markets. The calculations are made from scratch, you told us.
Finally, have you anything else you can add?
AS: Yes, I can say what Magnus Hansson, Saab Automobile product marketing manager said: “This is the first Swedish car that can challenge the Audi A6 at all levels.”

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