Autobild shows more revealing 2010 Saab 9-5 images

Thanks to everyone who sent through a link to the new set of images at Autobild. I beieve Rayman kicked things off in comments but I received a full bag of emails thereafter.
It seems one of Autobild’s photogs either participated in a recent drive program for the new 9-5, or stumbled upon them parked and having lunch somewhere.
Click here to see the full set at Autobild. Scroll through the photos and the Saab ones start at image #14.
Here’s a few sneak peeks. Click.
They also have a photo of the interior at Autobild, but it’s quite glary and you can’t see much, especially with the big black shroud covering the whole thing.
Saabdog has monochromed the image and played around a little, which might help with at least the general shape of the dash.
Again, thanks to all for the links.

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