Light relief……
This like these tend to happen in threes, so who’s going to be the final one in this chain?
A mate of mine messaged me today to let me know his wife had just give birth to a son, which they promptly lumbered with three surnames.
And I’ve just heard that one of Saab’s PR gurus in Sweden, Joe Oliver, has also just become a Dad for the first time!!
Joe’s wife brought their first child into the world yesterday, which goes a long to explaining why he was so hard to contact 🙂
It’s a sure sign that the little tacker will have a flair for the dramatic given the turbulent times Dad’s employer is undergoing. Rumours that the child will be named ‘Sergio’ are or ‘Jan-Ake’ as-yet unconfirmed (though I did hear it was, indeed, a masculine child)
Congratulations to Joe and Mrs Oliver on their new bundle!!

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