Collin: Fiat would be best for Saab

Aftonbladet’s Robert Collin has picked up the Renco story on his blog.
But enough of that…..
Collin has also trumpeted the Fiat option as being the best for Saab. In a two part entry, Collin looks past Sergio Marchionne’s reported plans and posed a scenario that makes a reasonable amount of sense.
Saab have three production ready models, a modern flexible factory, and a US distribution network that Fiat would covet for Alfa Romeo.
Many, myself included, have assumed that Fiat would just ditch Saab and use their real and perceived assets for their and Opel’s benefit. But Collin does ask a legitimate question – why would Fiat drop three reportedly very good vehicles when they synergies between them and existing Opels make the variety worthwhile?
For the record, I still see Fiat as a rank outsider to get Saab. They’d only get Saab in a scenario where they get Opel and negotiate Saab into the bargain. And getting Opel is by no means a done-deal.
But if it happens, what Collin says makes some sense – as long as Marchionne’s reported plans aren’t accurate.
If the unlikely happens, to take over Fiat, Opel, which is Saab also saved.
And it is quite obvious and a dream solution for Trollhättan.

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