Djup Strupe and Saab Netherlands

There’s so much news popping into my inbox I can barely keep up!!!

I’ve just received what might be some very good news for Saab dealers in the Netherlands.
If you’ve read the sales figures there for April, you’ll know the story. Basically, Saab’s importer in the Netherlands has gone broke, so distribution to dealers has stopped to a trickle, to the point where there were only 5 vehicles delivered last month!
Here’s the news, which looks like it’s come from a news service. It’s been passed on to me by Djup Strupe. I’m not sure it’s a done deal yet, but it sounds like it’s well on the way.
Saab importer bankrupt. Belgian importer takes over
Kroymans subsidiary Auto Import Company, better known as Saab Netherlands, last Tuesday, April 28 declared bankruptcy. But one expects a bit of a go next week to deal with the Belgian importer Saab Belux Import in Bornem.
Dealers who do not belong to Kroymans may present simply with the brand because it is a direct route up the manufacturer Saab Automobile.
In the last period, Saab in Sweden had six parties who have expressed interest in taking over the import activities of Saab and the manufacturer has the made its preference known.
This party, the importer for Belgium and Luxembourg, will very quickly try to reach an agreement which can take place next week. There is nothing known about the impact on the staff of the current importer, still have the procedure all been dismissed as withdrawn.

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