Djup Strupe and the Saab 9-3 convertible

Djup Strupe’s scored an interesting whole truth.
Via my inbox:

9-3 Convertible Production Planning
The important work to take Saab successfully through the reorganisation is going as planned. An important step in creating a profitable new Saab Automobile involves changing/improving our production footprint and capacity utilisation. As part of these changes, production of the 9-3 Convertible will be temporarily halted for approx 6 months (from the middle of July until end of calendar year 2009). To minimise the negative impact of this production stop it has been deliberately timed to take place in the “low season” for Convertible sales

I guess those negotiations with Magna Steyr have been finalised now…..
It’s good to see everything coming home to Trollhattan. Not that the convertible being made by Magna was ever a source of objection. They did a great job on a great vehicle. but these are tough times, exciting times, and it just seems right that the whole family starts off “together” in the same place at this time of rebirth for the company.
It’s also a nice reminder about how long it takes to accomplish things in the automotive industry.
You’d think it’s a matter of just unbolting some robots and moving them from Austria to Sweden. I could do that with a socket set, a hoist and a U-Haul, right?
Wrong. This is a long term business. Sometimes we propose finger-snap solutions and wonder why they haven’t been done, or can’t be done by next month.
When it takes six months to move production of an already-developed vehicle, you can get an idea of the real timeframes involved in designing and building one from scratch.

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