GM/Saab response on Fiat’s plans for world domination

I’ve just woken up, so there’s every chance that this has been covered off in the last 7 hours, either in comments or elsewhere.
I couldn’t get hold of a Saab rep by phone last night as they were all busy, but this waiting in my inbox this morning.
In short:

We are not aware of any such discussion which includes Saab.

Now, I should add that the time stamp on this email suggests that it was sent just after I retired for the night.
Updates in comments suggest that Saab are part of Fiat’s plans. So if this email was written around 4-hours later, it might be different.
In long form:

“GM Europe is in talks with several possible investors. We see good and realistic interest of some of these possible investors. We have agreed to not communicate names of possible investors and we do not speculate about the timing of the negotiations. We also do not speculate about the content of the talks between the German government and the FIAT management.
GM Europe has developed a viability plan to ensure a long-term future of the company in the European market. As part of this viability plan, GME is continuing its discussions with potential investors to obtain funding to enable continued operations and with the German government regarding support. The initial outreach for third-party investors has been very promising. We expect that Opel/Vauxhall will become a significantly more independent part of a strong global GM product network as we navigate these very difficult economic times. GME is continuing negotiations with employee representatives regarding a reduction in labor cost. “

Saabs United is now up to date, and so are you.

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