GT: it’s Geely, some Germans and Fiat

The following has appeared in the Swedish magazine, GT (run by Expressen, I think).
This is a Googletrans, tidied up just a little to make it legible for we non-Googles i.e. people.
Here are the three bidders for Saab
Chinese Geely, Fiat and Italian, a German commercial bank. GT can today reveal all the three hottest bidders at Saab Automobile. But GM chief Fritz Henderson still will not sell. – Chinese bid is clear, but Henderson is afraid of competition, “says a source within General Motors to GT.
The sale of Saab is on the home stretch. The administrator Guy Lofalk has three distinct bidders who all have endorsed Saab’s future business plan, which includes the production of the new 9-5 being moved to Trollhättan.
Data from Guy Lofalk yesterday came days after GT’s revealing that Fritz Henderson aims to let Saab go bankrupt.
More has been peeled away
Lofalk would also increase interest in Saab to get the reorganization period extended after May 20. Moreover hopes Lofalk, in days to get an ‘okay’ from Saab’s 700 creditors on a write-down of debt by 75 percent.
Saab has debts totaling 10.6 billion, 9.6 billion of which is owed to General Motors.
Among the bidders is the Norwegian government, the Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg and international car manufacturer Magna.
– Magna is only looking for Opel, they have no interest in Saab, says a source within General Motors.
Chinese Geely has also shown interest in the Swedish Volvo. According to several international news agencies have looked at Geely Volvo’s income statement and studied a purchase carefully.
But Volvo can forget Geely. They will do everything to get buy Saab. Do not, because of Mr Henderson’s fear as they go forward. Geely awaiting iced this now, they turn to when it is cheapest.
General Motors revealed last night that they are studying an alternative to allow each country’s GM title to go bankrupt.
Frits Henderson also said in an interview that GM study a relocation of the headquarters in Detroit, and that a bankruptcy – in the context of Barack Obama to evaluate GM’s future, May 31 – “is more likely today than before.”
Extremely positive
Guy Lofalk hope to have an initial agreement with a buyer for Saab finish some time in early June.
– It looks extremely positive out. I hope it keeps the whole thing, but nothing is settled until it is ready. When it looks as dark out, it suddenly brighten, and vice versa, “says Guy Lofalk to news agency TT.

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