Guess who’s on the ….. internets….

UPDATE: I’ve just had the chance to listen to it now. It turned out quite well!
Kudos to Karin and the team at TV4 for making me sound almost like I’m intelligent, and for giving my sponsors a run on the TV!!
I was going to say “on the telly” in that headline but it’s not TV, despite the fact that it’s done by a TV station. And it’s not radio, again, because it’s a TV station.
Last week I did an interview by phone with TV4, who found it noteworthy that a guy in Tasmania would be spending so much writing about Saab.
The call went for around 20 minutes, though I’m sure the interview online would go for around 20% of that, at most.
I haven’t had a chance to hear it yet because my internet connection is a little slow tonight. Have a listen if you feel so inclined and let me know how I went.
Click here to listen.

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