May is the month of Saab engine detailing love!

We haven’t had a month of Saab loving for a while. In fact, those who have only come to this blog in the last few years wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. It’s been that long.
The month of Saab loving is where I pick a specific model car and owners of that model get to send in pictures of their car and tell us why it’s so good.
It’s easy to live with these cars day-to-day and let their quality, versatility and inbuilt fun-factor slip under the radar. It’s a great way of flying the flag and telling the real stories of Saab ownership – straight from real Saab owners – without all the usual journalistic jibber jabber you get in car reviews.
This month, rather then kick off with a specific model, I’d like to show off a few people’s efforts to really set their pride and joy apart from the rest.

There is a prize! See details at the tail end of this entry to see how you can send in your photos and the groovy, out-of-print Saab book you can win for doing so.

Engine dressing is really popular amongst the show car crowd and it’s probably one of the things that regular car owners don’t get around to. It’s one of those things that only some people try and it tends to be something that’s done after everything else is sorted.
The results can be really entertaining, however. From the highly customised and detailed engine bays to the understated efforts that might otherwise fly under the radar, I’d like to give people’s efforts the chance to be appreciated by a wider audience by showing them off here at SU.
To get you in the mood, here are a few I saw when I was in Trollhattan back in 2007 (Tim, Johanna, Rickard and Robin, I’ve left yours out deliberately so you can send in some better shots as entries)
Click to enlarge.
Here’s a 9-3 Viggen engine that’s received some Lightning Blue color coding:

A very tidy Saab 9000 lump.
Custom Saab 9-5 engine that I wish I’d photographed from closer-in.
A pristine stroker in a beautiful black Saab 93.
OK, so this isn’t as much a detailed engine bay as it is a crammed engine bay. That’s a Saab V6 shoe-horned into a Saab 92 body. Yikes!!
And……we have a prize!!
The person who sends in the best entry will receive a copy of the Saab Sonett #4 book, which is no longer in print. Sonett #4 is the green Sonett, one of only six ever made, and was thought at one time to be lost forever. This book chronicles the story of that car, it’s rediscovery and restoration. It’s a fantastic read and an valuable addition to every Saab book collection.
This copy comes courtesy of the new owners of Saab Sonett #4, the good blokes at Hirsch Performance.
If you’ve got a great Saab engine bay you’ve put some work into, or if you’ve attended a bunch of Saab shows and seen some great Saab engines, then get your photos together and send them in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your car, though it’d be better if it is. You should at least be able to give some details of the car. If the car is owned by a friend of yours, let them know you’re entering and get some details from them, or get them to send in the entry.
Photos and accompanying stories – some details about the car, the work done, etc – should be emailed to me at (replace the -at- with @ as per usual).
Let’s get loving, baby! Yeah!!!!

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