Monday Morning Snippets – FM, Troll Racing and how to turn a gun into a Saab ute!

I normally don’t like Mondays that much, but today I’m feeling quite optimistic about the week ahead. I don’t know why, but I have music in my head, a smile on my face and I’m feeling good.
Better make the most of it…..
The “FM” in the headline relates not to corny DJ’s and adult-oriented soft rock music, but the looming prospect of “Fiat Motors”.
Reluctant to learn from the General’s experience, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne seems to want to add Opel, Vauxhall and maybe even Saab to his current juggling act of Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Chrysler and Dodge (and then there’s Fiat’s commercial and industrial activities).
The board have come out and stated the following:

Fiat “would evaluate several corporate structures, including the potential spin off of Fiat Group Automobiles and the subsequent listing of a new company which combines those activities with the activities of General Motors Europe”

The big question is whether or not Saab would be included in any negotiations on this topic. Saab’s current carve-out activities would indicate a “No” on that one, but various news services are talking as if Saab would be included.
My call with Eric Geers that had to be delayed late last week should happen some time this week. You can bet that’ll be one of the first questions.
Stay tuned.
And for the record, I think would be a disaster waiting to happen. As much as I love both Saab and Alfa, I wouldn’t want them together like this. Not in a million years.
The title of this photo from Flickr is Illegal streetrace in Trollhättan, Sweden. The accompanying caption on the photo says Opel Speedster with a Saab engine shooting flames.
Noting the Trollspeed sticker on the wing, I’d believe it, too! Trollspeed are a performance engine building company on the outskirts of Trollhattan and have done a lot of work for Per Eklund and others in the past.
Hey Eggs!!
Forget that 900 Convertible you’re looking for. I got your next car right here, mate!
For sale via Craigslist is this Saab 96 converted over to being a utility vehicle. It’s fair to say it needs a little TLC, but it does come with a spare engine, a restored and treated gas tank, four snow tires on wheels and an original workshop manual.
What’s more, it’s only $500, but the owner will consider a trade for – and I quote – “guns, tires, whatever…….. “
Somebody get on this, stat!!!
My thanks to Taylor for the link.
Finally, another shot from Flickr.
The photo’s by a guy named Daniel and the caption reads One of my first pictures with my new camera 🙂
Daniel, keep on shooting!!
Absolutely magnificent.
I’ve actually featured some of Daniel’s work here before and you can see a whole lot more of his work here.

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