MY2010 Saab information for the UK market

Djup Strupe has passed on this newly minted information brochure for the UK market. There’s plenty of 9-3 and 9-3x information to be had, but nothing on the 9-4x or the new 9-5 I’m afraid.
Saab 9-5
The only story to tell is that there will be no 9-5 saloon in terms of the current model as it will make way for the 2010 all-new model. The 9-5 estate will be the model as we know it today.
Saab 9-5 Estate new colours: Glacier Silver Metallic and Arctic White Solid
Saab 9-5 Estate deleted colours: Pepper Green Metallic, Polar White Solid, Glass Grey Metallic
Saab 9-3
The 9-3 sedan and combi will both receive a passenger airbag deactivation switch. It’ll be located on the end of the dashboard on the passenger side and a warning light on the dashboard will indicate the status of the airbag.
The Airflow trim level has been deleted and it seems the old 1.8i engine has got the boot as well. The base specification now is called the ‘Turbo Edition’ and above that are the Linear SE, Vector Sport and Aero.
The 2.8l V6 and 2.0t engines have also been deleted. This includes the 2.0t BioPower engine.
The base engines are now the 1.8t and the 1.8t BioPower. Other engines include the 2.0T (high output turbo petrol), the 1.9 TiD (in both 120hp and 150hp versions) and the 1.9 TTiD.
The Turbo Edition and Aero versions will have an optional TX Design Pack available. The equipment in this pack depends on your base model, but the chart below will give you the rundown.
Saab TX design pack UK
Saab 9-3x
Dealers can start placing their orders for the Saab 9-3x from this week (May 27, to be precise) and the Saab 9-3x is expected on your dealer forecourts in August 2009. Woohoo!
Full prices and specs are expected late June, but you should budget for a base FWD manual TiD at around 25K.

  • Available with 2.0T (210hp) and 1.9TTiD (180hp) engines (Manual 6spd & Auto 6spd)
  • 2.0T engine is fitted with XWD and eLSD (1.9TTiD is front wheel drive only)
  • Ride height raised +35mm versus FWD (1.9TTiD ride height raised +20mm versus FWD)


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