Odds given on the future Saab owner

News services are brimming over with stories about who’s buying Saab.
It’s got so big now that Teknikens Varld are quoting odds from the Ladbrokes betting agency on who will win the Swedish prize!
I can’t find the Saab betting page on Ladbrokes myself, which is a pity as there’s some good odds there, but if you can find it then maybe you’ll want to pick you favourite and cheer them over the line.
The odds are as follows:

  • Chinese consortium – 2.50
  • Swedish consortium – 5.00
  • Fiat – 7.00
  • German consortium – 8.00
  • International consortium – 8.00
  • Korean consortium – 8.00
  • BMW – 12.00
  • Hyundai – 12.00
  • Indian consortium – 13.00
  • Japanese consortium – 17.00
  • Renault – 25.00
  • American consortium – 25.00
  • Volvo – 50.00

Saabs United only advocates responsible gambling…….

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