Oi!! An actual Saab car review: the Saab 9-3x

I’m pleased to be able to take a quick break from all this business stuff and bring your attention to an actual, real-life Saab review!
The guys at The Garage Blog were fortunate enough to get some wheel time inside a Saab 9-3x recently and they’ve recorded some thoughts for your perusal.
Saab 9-3x
We have a nice intro…..

I think I might have actually shed a tear when I drove up to the Trollhättan offices of Saab. I am not some Saab groupie [with this as] my Graceland, rather I saw what was once an innovative auto manufacturer wondering if there will be a tomorrow. I was invited by an old friend and former Saab employee to spend two days road testing two Saabs which may or may not arrive in Canada… The new Saab 93X and 94X.

I should add, our writer is Canadian, as is The Garage Blog.
He feels a great affinity with Sweden, too. Other than in hockey terms, however, I can’t say I’ve noted the same Canadian-Swedish affection when I’ve visited there or talked with family.

Besides the landscape, we share quite a bit with the Swedes. Whether it is the weather, universal health care or hockey, we have more in common with Sverige than our neighbours to the south.

And then we get to the car. Our reviewer is driving a FWD 9-3x with the TTiD engine, which is significant as far as I’m concerned.

Driving at highway speed the wind and engine noise is so faint. The seats are very comfortable. While I wish they had more lateral support, I must say that I could spend hours in these seats and arrive at my destination fresh…..
….The Saab’s 1.9 diesel accelerates smoothly and quickly off the line. The diesel does produce around 295 lb/ft @1850 rpms. The car is surefooted in the twists and turns, and is quiet enough to listen to Diana Krall’s new CD without cranking the stereo…..
……My time behind the wheel ended quicker than I wished. Jörg the dealer will lead us into downtown Göteborg.

It really did make a positive impression, which is a good thing. Although it’s really just a model evolution, I believe this is a really important model for Saab.
The conclusion, albeit more about the TTiD than the car:

Whoever becomes the new owners of Saab I have a couple of pieces of advice.
Don’t abandon the Canadian market and please don’t use Gm’s market research on the North American market re: diesels. Canadians love their diesels. Just look at the sales of VW and Mercedes. Clean diesels sell in Canada just like they do in the rest of the world.

You can read the full review over at The Garage Blog.

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