Photochop Saab – 2010 Saab 9-5 coupe!!!

How about this for a nice addition to the Saab 9-5 range in the years to come?
I got this via email from a young engineering student in the UK named Serj.

I had some spare time from my studies and decided to produce a concept car on photoshop. Incidently im actually studying for a building engineering degree, not a automotive design degree, but photoshop is kind of a hobby! After seeing Tiago’s awesome attempt at the NG95 i decided to produce a 95c, a coupe version. The 9-X air provided most of the Saab like features lights, wheels etc and a 95 spyshot was used for the base length and height of the car. After a days work i finally finished it and thought you would be interested in a look…

And I am interested. In fact, I really, really like the idea.
Here’s the photochop, which you can click to enlarge.
saab 95c concept 2009 by Serj .jpg
Now, there are some odd lines and proportions around the back, the roof and the front, but get past those and the idea of a large coupe based on what we’ve seen in terms of 9-5 illustrations is a very appealing one.
I’m not sure it’s on their agenda, but I’d be very happy if it was.
Thanks a bunch to Serj for the image and the idea!!

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