Pollhattan Saab and Make your own news …..Snippets

OK, it’s time to try that Saab ownership poll once again.
The options are the same, except I’m just looking for first preferences here. Who do you want as #1.
GRRRRRRRRRRR – It seems any poll I try ends up in an IE abort. Freaking software giving me the irrits!!!!!
Hopefully this one will work OK.
I am away with work again, and pretty remote this time, so I’m not going to be able to access news as easily as usual.
I’m not expecting anything big until mid-week, when The US government might push GM a little early into bankruptcy proceedings.
If there’s anything big happening, please keep each other informed in comments.
I had my first episode of carsickness in years today. And I was driving!!
Mount Arrowsmith is the longest rally stage in Targa Tasmania and as I was driving that road today, I thought I’d give it a burst. A beautiful road, by the way. You should come and drive it.
My problem was that I’d eaten something that wasn’t agreeing with me, so all the twists and turns, whilst fun, left me a little green around the gills.
There’s some talk coming from Djup Strupe to the effect that GM Europe might be stalling the Saab sale process a little. The word is that Deutsche Bank are actually having a hard time getting GME on the phone to make a decision of any consequence.
Maybe the Opel deal has them all tied up. I hope we still get a decision soon, even if it’s not announced, just to know that it’s been made will start the closure process.
I’ve been thinking about the Koenigsegg bid some more and you know….I’m reeally getting seduced by it.
I can barely see a downside.
Yes, scale is an issue, but Saab management will still be in place and are used to running the Saab site. One must assume that the pockets Koenigsegg are fronting for are deep enough.
The marketing side is a HUGE upside. It’s not that Saabs and K-Seggs would be in the same showrooms together, because they won’t.
It’s just the association.
You know how motoring journos immediately write about the association, which in GM terms means bad things like badge engineering, etc. Here, the association is nothing but cool, totally Swedish and desireable to anyone with a pulse.
The only possible downside I can see is a systems issue to do with ordering, parts, communications, dealers, etc. Saab have been integrated into the GM system for some time, so setting up a new one could be a drag.
But I like the idea more and more.

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