Saab Apeldoorn going well….

It was back at the start of April that I wrote here at SU about a couple of guys in The Netherlands doing the seemingly unthinkable – opening a brand new Saab dealership.
Think of the obstacles they had to overcome at the time:

  • Saab’s very existence in question
  • Poor local and world economy
  • Saab Netherlands going bankrupt (no deliveries)

I remember writing back to Ruud at the time and asking if his initial email was an April Fools prank!!
Well, I’m pleased to say that their first month since opening went very well indeed. I received this update from Ruud overnight via email.
Hello Steven,
The weekend is almost there en on this sunny friday night I would like to tell you some good news from the Netherlands.
As I told you at the beginning of April we started a new Saab dealership in Apeldoorn. Well, this new started company is very succesful. We started with three Saab technicians and on May 14th a fourth technician will come to us. The customers we meet are still enthusiastic about the way we try to give them the best Saab service we can.
As noted on Saabs United there is an actual problem with the delivery of new Saabs to customers. But….. this problem will be solved soon. Saab Import Belgium (i.c. Saab Import Belux at Bornem) will asap continue the activities of Saab Netherlands.
The dutch Saab customers I have spoken with are very enthousiast about the new Saab 9-5. We expect that the Saab sales in the Netherlands will certainly increase by the introduction of the new Saab 9-5.
I hope the three facts I mentioned will be a contribution to a more positive view on the Saab activities in the Netherlands.
Have a very nice weekend!!
Ruud Blokhuis
SAAB Apeldoorn
That is all absolutely fantastic news.
It really is a measure of how much hope and consumer support there is for Saab in various places around the world.
I can’t wait to show pictures of Saab Apeldoorn’s first new Saab delivery to a customer. I hope the new distributor gets into action and that we can show you that photo as soon as possible.
Congratulations again to Ruud and Fernand.
Saab Apeldoorn

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