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Saab BioPower Promotes Alternative Fuels with Queensland Government
Saab9-3BioPowerQld.jpg Building awareness for the importance of alternative fuels, Saab has provided a BioPower 9-3 SportCombi to the Queensland Government to use as a promotional vehicle for a 12 month period.
Promoting ethanol blended fuels and environmentally friendly vehicles, Saab and the Queensland Government will be a central highlight of Australia’s largest free green festival, Greenfest 2009, in June.
“With Saab BioPower, the first vehicle to run on E85 in Australia, Saab really does deliver on our promise of performance with responsibility,” said Director of GM Premium Brands, Parveen Batish.
The vehicle, which has gathered 5,500 kilometres to date, is also helping to spread the word on the benefits of biofuels and dispel any myths on the impact of ethanol fuel on engines by inclusion in TAFE presentations to mechanical students where they are learning about the flex-fuel technology.
Saab Australia became the first car maker to produce a renewable, ethanol-powered car for the Australian market and continues to be the only brand in Australia offering vehicles that run on E85#- a mix of 85 per cent ethanol and 15 per cent petrol – or petrol, in any combination, from one fuel tank.
Further enhancing the company’s flex-fuel industry leadership position, Saab has recently announced its full model range will be E85 capable from mid 2009.
Saab BioPower combines turbocharging with the use of E85 fuel to deliver increased engine power and improved performance, as well as reduced CO2 emissions, and is available in 9-5 and 9-3 vehicles in Sport Sedan, SportCombi and the iconic Saab Convertible body styles.
Driving on E85 can reduce emissions because the plants used to make E85 help to absorb CO2 in the atmosphere. In Australia, CSR produces E85 with less than half the CO2 emissions of petrol^.
The Saab 9-3 is also being used for promotional purposes by the Queensland Government with a recent trip to the Dalby BioRefinery, the State’s first large scale grain-to-ethanol production facility, in preparation for its opening in the coming months.
Other activities planned throughout 2009 include participation in the EKKA Queensland Show in August as well as ethanol informational displays at V8 Supercar series races in Townsville, Willowbank and the Gold Coast.
In addition, participation in the Ayr Centenary Show in July and a visit to the CSR ethanol production facility in Sarina are planned.
The 2.0t BioPower engine delivers peak power of 147kW* and 300Nm* of maximum torque on E85. Running on E85 the BioPower 2.0t engine produces at least an additional 18kW* (147kW vs. 129kW*) and an extra 35Nm* of torque (300Nm vs. 265Nm*) compared to running on regular unleaded petrol.
Saab BioPower is part of the broader Saab environmental strategy EcoPower, which combines the enjoyment of a dynamic driving experience with the efficient use of resources to achieve responsible performance.
The EcoPower strategy blends turbocharging, engine rightsizing, Saab BioPower, aerodynamic performance and weight-saving design.
*Figures as per ECE regulations
#E85 is of limited availability in Australia, visit for bowser locations
^According to CSR website:

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