Saab dealer story –

Saab are going to have an interesting time in the next couple of years with their distribution network.
Without GM shared dealerships, the number of Saab dealers will no doubt fall in 2010 and it might be a while before they claw those numbers back.
When they do, I’d like those dealers to have some personality. Some character. A little bit of the Sinclair spirit.
I don’t know anything about New Salem Saab in Albury, New York, but I enjoyed reading a little of their story in an article in Bizjournals.
New Salem Saab are the second oldest Saab dealership in the US and they’ve had a horrible 18 months. But their story is one that crosses generations, with many multiple-purchase customers on their books.
All they sell is Saabs and that’s all they want to sell. Owner Daryll Carl says they’ll probably stop new car sales all together if Saab are shut down.
Daryll, I reckon you’re going to stay in business.

My thanks to Scott for sending me the link. It’s a highly entertaining read and highly recommended.

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