Saab NG900 prototype?

I received an email from ‘Mike’ overnight with an interesting image attached.
It would seem that this might be one of the prototypes Saab built in developing the Saab 900 that replaced the classic 900 in 1994.
Click to enlarge.
Mike found the image here, and the accompanying text (in Swedish) says that only one was ever built, tested and then discontinued.
Right now is the part where I confess that I haven’t done my homework prior to posting this. I’ve got an Anders Tunberg book on the development of the NG900, but I haven’t fully read through it.
I’m going to go and take a flick through that book now, but if you’ve got any instant knowledge about this longer-looking 900, please feel free to chime in via comments.
I’ve received another image, this time of the car in motion.
It’s quite small, unfortunately, but the profile does look pretty good.
Thanks Mattias!!

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