Saab Officially on Flickr

Saab have been getting more and more into the interactive media scene in recent times. It’s heartening to see, though I’d still love to sit down with them and have a chat about doing it in a more cohesive manner.
The potential is huge for a company that wants to connect to their enthusiast community properly and if Saab don’t take ownership of it themselves, others are going to set stuff up that looks very Saaby, but isn’t genuine.
I’ve already been tapped about one such venture and to my surprise, I received an email from them this morning saying “thanks for subscribing” – an act that I hadn’t committed to at all.
And the scary part about it is that it looked like the real deal. I thought it was from Saab themselves. And others will too.
Note to Saab – you need to cover your bases and tie it all up on a proper website to disseminate the news, provide the proper company perspective, and distribute goodies to your fans. Do it properly and reap the rewards.
One such move is an official Saab company account on Flickr.
There’s not much there, but I like the recent addition of Saab copmany ads being posted there. They’re not huge, but it’s good to see them online in a form that people can download and share.

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