Saab ownership = serial monogamy?

We own two Saabs.
My mate Turbin in Victoria owns two Saabs. So does SAB, as does Alex. Drew B has so many I’ve lost count. Greg Abbott has multiples – and those five people are just the first five that pop into my head. Joe Lobo, Hawkeye. I’m pretty sure Eggs still has two at the moment, though one might be coming up for replacement.
We Saab owners aren’t afraid to double up when it comes to furnishing the family garage.
In addition to that, we’re not normally ones to shift brands too often. Sure, there are a lot of companies making different products who can claim that, but we Saabists tend to be a very loyal bunch of serial monogamists.
This first “family” falls into the second category, that of multiple Saab owners. I’ll have some more on the latter, later, as I’ve received a few emails of that type in the last few weeks.
These pics come from Claudius, in Switzerland, and show his very handsome driveway with two very handsome Saabs parked there.
auto 2.jpg
I see a Hirsch badge on the back of that convertible!! Niiiiiiiiiice.
auto 7.jpg
Actually, both cars were bought from, and are tuned by Hirsch. Yowza!!!!
auto 3.jpg
auto 6.jpg
If I were Claudius, I reckon I’d have both sets of keys in the same place and just close my eyes in the morning when I picked up a set. Let fate decide which car you take that morning – Saab surprise!
I’m sure there’d be no disappointment whichever car ‘beeped’ at you when you got outside 🙂
Beautiful work, Claudius. Thanks for the email!

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